04 72 00 Cast Stone Masonry

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04 72 00 Cast Stone Masonry

Construction Specifications Institute Masterformat division for Cast Stone Masonry is 04 72 00 This number is used to specify what type of product is used in the construction industry MasterFormat™ is the specifications-writing standard for most commercial building design and construction projects in North America. It lists titles and section numbers for organizing data about … Continue reading “04 72 00 Cast Stone Masonry”

Cast Stone

Cast Stone is defined as “a refined architectural concrete building unit manufactured to simulate natural cut stone, used in unit masonry applications and is manufactured to meet Division 04 72 00 requirements. Used as an architectural feature, trim, ornament or facing for buildings or other structures, it is created with a fine grain texture to … Continue reading “Cast Stone”

ASTM C1364

Cast Stonettps://">ASTM C1364 is a standard Standard Specification for Architcast stonestCast Stonet was originally ASTM C1364n 1997. This standard has requirements that must be met to ensure good quality of the cast stone. Cast Stone requirements in ASTM C1364 are:  Compressive Strength – ASTM C1194: 6,500 psi minimum for products at 28 days Absorption – … Continue reading “ASTM C1364”

Architectural Precast Concrete – What is it

What is Architectural Precast Concrete? Architectural precast concrete is a relatively modern term given to large pieces of concrete that are usually structural as well as decorative in function. The form of the precast concrete contributes to the finished product and is not a substructure and not usually covered.  To be different from normal precast … Continue reading “Architectural Precast Concrete – What is it”