Cast Stone Colors

Cast Stone Colors

For samples please visit our cast stone samples page 

Our Standard Cast Stone Color Chart

  • Antique Terra Cotta
  • Buff-1
  • Buff-2
  • Crema
  • French Provencial
  • Jerusalem Stone
  • PSW-2
  • PSW-8
  • Titanium White
  • Tuscan Light
  • Vintage Gray
  • White

About our cast stone colors

Premier Stoneworks uses a wet casting technique that uses integral natural oxide pigments to create our cast stone colors, we conform to cast stone standards to be able to warranty our cast stone and color specifications for 10 years.

Our colors and the way we color our concrete are with proven methods determined by ASTM standards – ASTM C 979 – Standard Specification for Coloring Pigments for Integrally Pigmented Concrete (as part of ASTM C 1364 cast stone standard). This standard reduces the risk of colors fading and ensures as much as possible to produce stone that is  uniform in color.

We can rely on consistent color due to these stringent standards. Here are a few reasons why the standards help us with consistency.

  • Using the same white cement each time
  • Using the same carefully selected aggregates within the cocrete
  • Using a high quality oxide pigment
  • Color matching with physical samples
  • concrete mix design formulations registered with the the Cast Stone Institute
  • regular testing and quality control

Due to the Cast Stone Institutes standards we do NOT use any topically applied coloring method such as acid staining, color washing, sponging, painting … unless you specifically request it (note these topical coloring methods may not be under warranty).

Cast stone institute’s color advice can be found here and here  they reference ASTM C 979.

Please note: Even when following cast stone standards, color in cast stone can still vary, just as color in natural limestone varies. As we conform to ASTM standards we also use the standard ASTM D 2244 that covers variation in color, but must not exceed the specification.

Color Matching Custom Cast Stone Colors

Even though many of the projects we do can use one of our standard cast stone colors, a large percentage of our work requires a custom color that is color matched to a swatch, pantone or physical sample.

Please note, we can create most of these colors in our architectural precast stone.

Once a project is going forward, we can take your color specifications and create sample pieces of cast stone that a customer can review and approve.

Here is a good resource for selecting colors that we can match.  

Our colors are formulated from Oxide pigments which are very stable. The possible exception is black which can sometimes fade. For brighter whites we can use titanium dioxide tint, and sometimes a bit of blue. Both TiO2 and blues incur extra charges. We tend to not cast black cast stone as it is difficult to maintain the darkest colors.

Base cast stone oxide colors and ranges
Most of our colors are formulated from these base oxide pigment colors

Cast Stone Textures

Please note, colors appear slightly different for each texture, please make sure we give you the color sample with the texture you require.

Our available cast stone textures are:

  • limestone – acid washed smooth cast stone
  • keystone – antiqued texture resembling coral stone or aged stone (heavy or light)
  • smooth 
  • simulated coquina – we add real shells

Please see our cast stone color samples page for more images

Cast Stone Color Trends for Florida

From the selection of commercial and luxury homes that we see, Cast stone in Palm Beach continues to favor neutral tones, predominantly off white with hints of tan, green, creams, grays of varying shades.

These color mimic the natural stone colors, and are dramatic when paired with brighter colors or foliage.



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