Typical cast stone elements used in South Florida

Here is a break-down of the typically installed cast stone elements used in commercial and residential properties. It is not comprehensive, but a sampling of 20 recent projects taken from our work of hundreds of jobs.

Currently our work is about 80% commercial, and the rest residential.

Here are 13 of the most popular product groups, they are grouped together because they are similar products.

  1. Columns, Column Capitals, Column bases
  2. Casing, Trim, Mouldings, banding, base board, beads
  3. Wall caps, pier caps, coping
  4. veneer, jambs, quoins
  5. Balustrade systems
  6. Window Sills
  7. Pavers, Treads
  8. Crown, Cornices, headers, Soffit Trim
  9. Panels, Medallions, Appliques
  10. Brackets, Corbels
  11. Bowls, Planters
  12. Statues, Finials, Benches
  13. Wainscot , water tables

Here is how these cast stone elements were distributed amongst the sampling for commercial and residential.

what gets installed on commercial cast stone jobs

residential cast stone elements

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