Cast Stone Technical Data

Cast Stone Technical Data

Premier Stoneworks is a “Certified Producer Member” of the Cast Stone Institute. This means that the cast stone products that we produce meet or exceed the ASTM standards for Cast Stone. 

Premier Stoneworks is currently the only company that is Certified and meets the ASTM standards for cast stone in Florida, and the South East United States.

The ASTM designation for architectural cast stone is ASTM C 1364 , and the corresponding Masterformat code is 04-72-00 (2017).

04-72-00 Architectural Cast stone for Specifiers – summary of the specification

Most cast stone companies are NOT certified to meet the standard. You should first check the Cast Stone Institute member list to check you cast stone manufacturer. (link to certified cast stone members). Many cast stone companies claim to meet or exceed the standards, but often they do not, and if their products do pass the requirements, then why are they not a certified member of the Cast Stone Institute?

Certified Cast Stone manufacturers must follow rigorous standards set in ASTM C 1364, this standard specifies many items , such as…

  • physical properties of the cast stone
  • Regular concrete testing
  • materials used
  • manufacturing processes
  • manufacturing tolerences
  • quality control
  • delivery, storage
  • setting the stone

Probably the most important aspect of the specification are the physical properties of the cast stone products. These items are typically much higher quality concrete than regular pavement concrete. Here are the highlights of what is required to meet the ASTM C 1364 standard.

  • Minimum strength of 6500 PSI at 28 days 
  • Maximum water absorbtion of 6% 
  • Air entrainment of 4-8%
  • Pass a 300 cycle freeze thaw test

These main requirements ensure that the concrete is strong and will hold up against the elements. It also enables Premier Stoneworks to provide a 10 year warranty on cast stone products. (view cast stone warranty particulars here)

If you are thinking of repairing or restoring you current cast stone elements, consider replacing the deteriorating cast stone products with new higher quality architectural cast stone that meets the ASTM standard. Premier Stoneworks is active in cast stone restoration, please contact us for more information.

To see the full specification please visit the Cast Stone Institute specification page

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