Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone

A complementary concrete masonry product to cast stone, manufactured stone has the strength of cast stone with the authentic look and feel of natural stone. Manufactured stone is designed to emulate the look and feel of cut stone, boulders, rocks and brick as opposed to the carved architectural elements of cast stone. Manufactured stone comes in multiple shapes, sizes and finishes and is well-suited to a wide range of applications. It is designed to make nature affordable.

Premier Stoneworks is proud to be a distributor of New England Veneer Stone (NEVS), the nation’s highest quality producer of manufactured stone. NEVS is a vastly superior manufactured stone product featuring the following advantages .

  • Product manufactured with proprietary techniques that enable it to meet the requirements of BOTH ASTM C1364 for architectural cast stone and ASTM C1670 for architectural thin stone veneer.
  • Without question, the coloration of the veneer stone is the most authentic in the entire manufactured stone industry.
  • Manufactured with Poraver expanded recycled glass aggregates providing important recycled content for green building credit.
  • A finish sealer is applied to the stone IN THE FACTORY to enhance the durability of the stone by reducing efflorescence and increasing resistance to mold, salt and UV rays.

Frequently, manufactured stone is used in tandem with cast stone. Because our masons have experience with both, it makes sense –– and cents –– to have us supply and install both products. Here’s why:

Manufactured stone is less expensive and more uniform than natural-cut stone and does not have to be transported from quarries around the world. Efficiency and productivity go up when the same subcontractor supplies and installs both products. The estimating, purchasing and contract administrative processes are simplified because there is a single contract, single insurance coverage to monitor and single invoice to process. And it’s faster to have everything installed at the same time while our highly skilled masons are already on scaffold.

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