Precast Concrete Stairs

Precast Concrete Stairs

Taking advantage of our extensive experience with custom prefabricated concrete products, Premier Stoneworks has diversified from architectural concrete elements into the production of precast stairs for every type of building structure. Engineered and reinforced, precast staircases produced by Premier Stoneworks exceed all APA and PCI requirements. Precast stairs provide a solid concrete solution for general and shell contractors looking for a more economical approach to the one shell component that is, typically, over budget and fraught with errors. Precast staircases allow for a faster install while ensuring rise and run accuracy through the use of customizable prefabricated steel forms. And, closed risers allow for a more safe pedestrian environment.
Precast Stairs Ready to DeliverPremier Stoneworks produces customizable precast stairs to solve the varying needs of general and shell contractors on commercial projects. Landings can be integrated or shipped separately. Treads and risers can be customized to meet the dimensional requirements of each unique space. And, with our unique architectural precast experience, tread finishes and textures can be customized including paint grade, exposed aggregate, scored grip lines, custom groove details, embedded nosings and blockouts for tread inserts.
Precast Stairs Lifted with ForkliftAnd, each precast staircase is engineered to be totally adjustable. The angle of the landing can adjust to the angle of any flight of stairs. In addition, the form can be positioned to allow for any combination of rise quantity and riser height. And, our stairs can be as long as 22 risers, risers can range from 6-1/4” to 7” and our landings as long as eight feet and as deep as five feet to accommodate most any building situation. Precast staircases by Premier Stoneworks are supported with detailed and engineered shop drawings to ease and increase the speed of the field installation process. Embeds can be cast in to the flight of stairs or shipped separately depending upon the design.
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