Repair and Restoration of a historically important stone fountains

Repair and Restoration of a historically important stone fountains

January 3rd, 2018By: Premier Stoneworks

Cast Stone restoration is one part of our services that we have always done, however more recently we are seeing more call for historical stone restoration. Here are two of our most recent historical stone restoration projects.

1. Bradley Park beautification, Palm Beach

This park was donated to the city of Palm Beach by Colonel Bradley, and restoration was completed in December 2017. The restoration included repairs to the fountain, and addition of a gazebo. More fountain restoration is due at a later date. Read about the opening of restored fountain & park

The finial lady at the top of this fountain was broken, and the piece was recreated in clay by our in-house artisan Donaldo, and a new mold made.

2. Mizner Fountain restoration, Palm Beach

mizner cast stone fountain restorationPremier stoneworks in conjunction with Clifford Restoration repaired this historical cast stone fountain in Palm Beach. Although we excel at reproduction and replacement of cast stone, when preservation of original cast stone is required we defer to companies that specialize in repair instead of replacement.

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