Public Art

Public Art

Public Art is becoming increasingly visible and it occupies a unique position within the art world.  More and more municipalities are making a commitment to displaying Public Art in their communities on their building are as free-standing works. Public Art is a collaborative effort between talented artists, designers, and the municipality officials to bring its community together, transform a landscape or express cultural values.

Premier Stoneworks is very proud to have worked on Public Concrete Art projects and be able to provide our customers with that service.  Having one of the best young sculptors in the country on our staff , we have the skills, knowledge and capability to bring your artistic idea from paper to reality .  Understanding the life cycle of Public Art (concrete art in particular) – artist’s concept and drawings, municipal approval, sculpting, mold-making, casting and, finally, installation – qualifies our team to work with nationally known artists to bring their designs to life.

In addition to working with artists, Premier Stoneworks can certify our own sculptor as an artist for Public Art in your municipality allowing us to work directly with cities and communities on their future Public Stone Art projects.

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